Welcome to Cowbell Central

If you are looking for noisemakers for sporting events, you have
come to the right place.  Cowbell Central has provided cowbells
with welded handles primarily for football games, but also for
many other events.
Rowing events
Snow skiing events
Cheer competitions
Marathons & Triathalons
Many Colors Available

Our standard color is a beautiful glossy white.  The white powder coat gives your cowbell a beautiful
glossy ultra-hard protective finish.  This durable coating will better protect your bell from scratches.  In
addition to the standard white, many other colors are offered.   Other colors are painted using a
glossy enamel or powder coated.  Non-white colors are considered custom, so a modest premium is

All colors are in stock and ready to ship.

All cowbells come with a black grip.  The grips are made out of a durable, yet comfortable vinyl
material.  If you want to customize your grip to be REALLY comfortable, I suggest wrapping tennis
racket tape around your handle!  I did that with my own personal bell and it's an excellent addition!

The "clacker assembly" is the steel weight and wire hanger inside the cowbell.  To improve the
durability of the clackers, they are now attached before the welding and painting process so that the
wire loop can be welded together.  Therefore, the clacker ball may have a thin layer of paint that will
flake off during the first use.

If you are replacing the clacker, click here to see the proper
clacker installation.  If you have a clacker
that broke loose, feel free to send an email request for a replacement.  
Spirit bells or cowbells for showing school spirit!
Cowbell Decoration
The main function of Cowbell Central is to provide customers with a product that you can personalize
and make into something special  We are proud to offer a modest supply of licensed decals.  These
high quality stickers came from a licensed manufacturer of college logo decals.  Click
"Order a

Another creative idea for personalizing your cowbell is to use printable sticker paper.  Avery sells
sticker paper for about $6 per package at Office Depot, Kmart, etc.  You can run this sticker paper
through your printer after using your creativity to come up with a design for your cowbell.   
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Mississippi State fans ringing cowbells
Enthusiastic MSU fans ringing cow bells at Scott Field

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Clarion Ledger article-pg1
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Detroit Free Press

Facebook (photos of
unique cowbells)
Clacker reinforcement
Mississippi State fans
Click for individual pics:
Burnt Orange cowbells
Carolina Blue cowbells
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Maroon cowbells
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Silver cowbells
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Vols Orange cowbells

Mycowbell.com is proud to offer high quality decals for your cowbells.  There are 5 Mississippi
State Bulldog designs
to choose from as well as decals for the following schools.  Go to the
Order a Cowbell" page to see the emblems and dimensions.
Mississippi State fans:  
Click here for a couple of free
Jack Cristil ringtones!

Lamesa, TX

    I have ordered cowbells from you many different times.  My husband coaches and we
    move around so it's hard to keep up with me.  LOL  We ordered these bells first at
    Canadian, TX.  Then we ordered the bells several times at Stratford, TX. They helped us
    win State twice. Yeah! We have just moved to Lamesa, TX and I told Moms and Wives
    about these bells and, of course, they want them here.  I have enjoyed your bells for so
    many years.  Thanks again.

Murfreesboro, TN

    Dear Fellow Bulldog:  As MSU graduates and fans, we love our cowbell!  So much so,
    that we want to start the tradition here at our high school in Murfreesboro (Oakland).  We
    think our students would go crazy over the cowbells at football games; and, we also think
    our baseball booster club would benefit from the proceeds of cowbell sales…  

Hammond, LA

    Thanks for getting the bells to me so quickly.  I do appreciate them and all the people
    who ordered them loved them.  We didn't win the game on Wednesday, but we did win 2
    of the 3 game series this weekend.  The team loved that we had the bells.  I arrived at
    today's game a few minutes late.  There was a man and a woman from the opposing
    team sitting in the seats next to my husband and me.  Instantly the Lions made a
    fantastic play and I rang my bell.  The couple immediately moved one row up.  Why only
    one row up, I don't know.  It was just as loud there.

    I do hope that more people will want to order bells when they realize how much fun they
    are and how annoyed the opposing team gets.  Again, thanks!
(most popular!!)
(for the kids)
Michigan State
Middle TN State
Mississippi State (5)
Texas A&M
Texas Tech
West Virginia
All of the above decals are in stock.  If you do not see the one you are looking for, you can buy a
cowbell here, then purchase a decal from another source like ebay.  The ideal size is 3 to 4 inches
wide.  Vinyl stickers are recommended.  Shipping is within 24 hours of payment, so you should get
your cowbell and decals at the same time!
Florida St
Georgia Tech
Montana State Bobcats
North Carolina
North Carolina St
Ohio State
Oklahoma St
South Carolina
Golden Yellow cowbells
Cowbell Central, LLC
Kelly Green cowbells
Black cowbells
Gregg Carver, President
Tammy Mikol, Treasurer
West Branch Little Warriors Youth Football
Beloit, OH

    We are quite pleased with the quality of cowbells purchased from Cowbell
    Central, LLC as well as the prompt shipping and one-on-one service
    received.  As an organization, we feel that this will be a great fund raising
    project for our West Branch Little Warriors Football Program as well as an
    outstanding opportunity to promote school spirit.

Hamilton, OH

    I just wanted you to know that the engraved cowbell you did for my son, Lt. Commander
    Kevin Saunders, was a big hit.  He has it in his office at Coast Guard Station New York
    on Staten Island.  He told me that Coast Guard people come in and ring it to see if it is
    the real thing and not just decoration!

    Thanks again for your help with the design. You made a great birthday for him.

Richard Baker
Fairhope, AL

    Thanks so much for the 10" Maroon cowbell that was ordered and shipped on Nov. 10,
    2014.  When the cowbell arrived it also had the requested decal already attached  that I
    had forgotten to order.  Your company is without doubt one of the leaders in Customer
    Service and thanks again for your attention to my request.  As a lifelong Bulldog fan and
    graduate (Forestry 1974) it will be put to good use by my family and me.